Nomsa Kamanga is a Zambian Carnivore Programme affiliate who worked as a trainee ecologist for two years under their Women in Wildlife conservation program. Women in Wildlife is a female leadership program that equips young women to be effective leaders and independent citizens. She is currently pursuing her Bachelor of Science degree at Catawba College in North Carolina in Environment and Sustainability with a concentration in Community Based Natural Resource Management, as well as minoring in Geographic Information Systems. She is on scholarship and under the sponsorship of the Dazzle Africa & the Praful family.

For many students, being sponsored for an education is a dream come true. However, it has been more than that for Nomsa – it has been a life-changing experience. She comes from Zambia, a sub-Saharan landlocked country in Africa, where the best chance to succeed as a girl is to be educated. With many families facing financial challenges, and with women being seen as caretakers of the home, girls tend to be the last in line to receive a full education. Being the recipient of a sponsorship is a ray of light that helps girls build their confidence while preparing them for the future.

Supporting a girl’s education not only changes their personal life, it also gives them the tools needed to create generational change. In addition to providing knowledge and skills for the workforce, education enlightens young women about the many challenges that females face, shows them how they can be independent, and provides ways they can contribute to the betterment of their communities. Nomsa believes that the education she is acquiring through her sponsorship will equip her to be a visionary leader – one who will speak on behalf of other girls and support them to get fair treatment and understand their rights.

“I believe that having more female leaders will help create peaceful and more democratic environments in different workplaces as well as nations. Having more female leaders will promote inclusivity, encourage open participation, information and power sharing, and allow people to be free in their working spaces. Because of the nurturing and empathetic hearts that women have, we will also bring change by providing solutions to some of the most global challenges like climate change. This can only happen if females around the world are given a chance to be educated through sponsorships.” – Nomsa Kamanga

Nomsa’s education has been an enormous highlight in her life. She is Dazzle Africa’s first student board advisor and her unique perspective and insight has made her a valuable member of the Dazzle Africa team. Interested in changing a young woman’s future today? Contact for more information.