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The Dazzle Africa Experience

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Mike Paredes

Annapolis, Maryland

“My first Dazzle Africa safari changed how I think of going on safari. Most photo safari tourism is good for the local economy and for the wildlife, but Dazzle Africa takes it to another level. I was so blown away to see how integrated with the village Dazzle staff/volunteers are. On safari, I got to see projects that my safari dollars helped fund, meet interesting and impactful people who are working hard to protect the wildlife in South Luangwa, and even hang out with a gaggle of super smiley school kids! I also found that during the time leading up to the trip, Dazzle Africa tended to all the tiny details that made the trip a breeze to go on. They are super personal. I said in the first sentence that my first Dazzle safari changed how I think of going on safari. I said “first” because there was a second, and there will be many more!”

Iris Ho

Washington, DC

“I have been to a few African safaris but my trip to Zambia was THE TRIP OF MY LIFETIME! Stacy, Ami and the whole Dazzle Africa team were the dream team to bring you a dream trip to Africa. Everything exceeded my expectation – from the spectacular accommodations at Mfuwe Lodge and the bushcamps, some of the best cuisines I have ever had, knowledgeable safari guides, to the unforgettable stargazing experience in the African savannah. I will never forget seeing African wild dogs, a critically endangered species. Highlights of my trip were numerous. We visited local wildlife conservation organizations, a secondary school and a village where we interacted with local people, experienced genuine African warmth and hospitality. I am most impressed by Dazzle Africa’s giving back projects that make a positive difference for the wildlife and local communities. You can find tens of thousands of safari tours at any given day across the African continent but not many are as committed to the philanthropic cause as Dazzle Africa. Safari with a purpose is what sets Dazzle Africa apart.”

Kalena Verran

Fullerton, California

“This past summer I had the opportunity to travel to Zambia with a group of women representing Dazzle Africa and their philanthropy. It was such an amazing experience to actually see the money I had raised for this nonprofit at work. Aside from the amazing animals in the park, which I will get to in just a moment, Dazzle Africa has truly made a difference in Zambia with their conservation efforts to reduce poaching and bring clean water and better education to the people of Zambia among many other efforts to create an enriching life for the ecosystem and the surrounding natives. As far as the Safari tours, it’s incredible to ride around in a truck and check out all the amazing animals, but what’s more impressive are the guides and their care for nature, animals and best practices in their environment. Not to mention the plethora of knowledge that they bring to the game drives. Dazzle Africa is truly one of the better nonprofits I’ve ever known. Their passion and determination to create harmony between the animals and the native people in Zambia are remarkable. I now have such a passion for this area and its people. I can’t wait to go back and take more of this breathtaking place in!”

Natalie Yatsko

San Francisco, California

“The Dazzle Africa Safari in Zambia was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. The trip was planned to perfection (literally every little detail was thought of) and the lodge, staff, and food were superb. Witnessing the circle of life first hand, along with technology detox, brought a presence to my day that I haven’t experienced in a very long time. People say going to Africa is going to change your life and I didn’t believe them. I was wrong. The trip left me changed for the better, with a wider perspective on life, and an inspiration to give back to those in need. I left Zambia feeling rejuvenated, motivated, and spiritually fit. Since the trip, I have already gone back to Africa, and plan to make it a yearly trip.”

Heidi & Howard Osterman

Clarksville, Maryland

“A Dazzle Africa safari is much more than a game drive. Of course, the guides are excellent and Zambia holds plenty of prime viewing spots. South Luangwa is a beautiful, unspoiled area with fantastic sunsets. What you experience outside of the safari vehicle means even more. You meet the people of Mfuwe and learn about their culture. You hear stories from wildlife rangers and conservationists. You have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of children and endangered species. You and your fellow travellers become part of the Dazzle family. A Dazzle vacation will change your life, immediately and forever.”

Lori Benak

Carmel by the Sea, California

“Communing with the animals + connecting with like-minded people + contributing to a grateful community = transformational. My heart felt like layers had been melted off, scars, healed and fully opened. Game changer.”

Sarah Healy

Petaluma, California

My two-week journey to Zambia brought with it the deepest peace that I have ever felt. I finally slowed down, unplugged and got quiet and as a result found some real insight about what I want to bring to the world, my daughters, my family and myself.”

Krista Petty

Monroe, Washington, Boldly Embody Life

“My time in Zambia, Africa was a deeply profound and life-changing trip. Guided by the exquisite hearts and minds of the Dazzle Africa team, my every expectation and imagining was exceeded. Dazzle Africa is a company rooted in vision and social impact with a special knack for adventure, luxury, laughter and inspiring heart-centered living.” 

Deb Toro

Las Vegas, Nevada

“I would describe Dazzle Africa as a dream maker, they made my dream come true. Take a trip with them and the experience will be beyond any of your expectations! I promise. Every part of the experience just gets better than the last, the animals, the sunsets, the people, the food, it’s all amazing! Go to Zambia with Dazzle Africa and your life will be changed forever! Mine was, enjoy the journey.”

Eric Pleasants

Las Vegas, Nevada

“For as long as I’ve been able to remember, visiting Africa and experiencing its captivating wildlife and culture was a personal dream of mine. Not only did Dazzle help me finally fulfil that dream, but they went above and beyond in creating an incredible, life-changing adventure! The serene animal-filled game drives, the charming visit to a Zambian village, and the eye-opening trip to a local school all provided exciting, fun, and humbling experiences that awoke in me a newfound sense of wisdom about the ways different walks of life exist together on this planet. The most beautiful thing about Dazzle Africa is Stacy and her group’s understanding that Zambia is not only a place worth seeing, but one worth protecting as well. I’m incredibly grateful that I was given the opportunity to learn about how we can help the irreplaceable animals and people there, and support them through Dazzle’s amazing projects. I wouldn’t have traded this trip for anything in the world, and I can’t wait to go back!”

The Griess Family

Dallas, Texas

“Choosing to take a 7-year-old, 6-year-old and 3-year-old child halfway around the world and into Africa was no small decision. We have known Stacy for more than a decade now. She and her team at Dazzle Africa were so kind, comforting, professional and willing to help and engage in the process, that we knew this was the perfect opportunity for us to take our kids on an adventure of a lifetime. Our entire time in Africa we learned about the community, culture, similarities, differences and of course the amazing, beautiful wildlife and bush country. At every opportunity, we had the ability to go out and see the incredible wildlife of hippos, elephants, lions and other majestic creatures with a very welcoming and knowledgeable guide. This will be a journey our family will treasure for a lifetime. We are so blessed to have been able to do it together with joy and safety. Thank you, Dazzle Africa and Zambia!”

Lacey Miller

New York City, New York

“My experience with Dazzle Africa has been life-changing. From my very first safari trip with them six years ago till today, I am still travelling with them. Their safaris are planned to perfection, not a single detail is overlooked. The relationships they have within the community in Zambia and witnessing firsthand the difference they are making through philanthropic efforts makes the experience all that much better. Having the options of visiting with their conservation partners and the local schools and villages in Zambia makes the trip so much more than just a luxury safari. Not only will you have an incredible safari experience you will become part of the amazing Dazzle Africa family.”

Connie & Larry Wood

Denver, Colorado

“The Dazzle Africa Safari was the best and most amazing trip we have ever taken.  We were drawn to Africa by the animals and we saw many on our twice daily drives.  Scores of species of birds, crocodiles waiting for a meal, lions mating and feasting and elephants of all sizes. The bonus was meeting with locals in the community, visiting schools and conservation centres for the protection of endangered animals and visiting a village. We got to see close up how the contributions to Dazzle Africa help.  Locals showing us how the dart guns filled with chilli powder keep the elephants out of the villages. A mention of our visit to a village where a Dazzle Africa financed well has brought clean water to town, cannot capture the joy of the little children who wanted to welcome us. The drivers of our Range Rovers explained the interdependence of the land and the animals.  They could spot a bird or animal at a distance and then get us closer so we could see too. We became friends. The two bush camps were far from primitive; each had its own bathroom and screens to keep out the baboons and small, thieving monkeys.  We could watch elephants coming to drink in the stream from our deck and from the pool at the Mfuwe Lodge. It was a memorable trip in every way.”

Joe Stallings

Raleigh, North Carolina

“To say that my trip to Zambia was THE TRIP OF MY LIFETIME is an understatement. Stacy, Ami and the whole Dazzle Africa crew expertly put everything in place to create an exhilarating experience and permanent fond memories. Mfuwe Lodge and the bush camp offered comfortable accommodations, delicious cuisine and a staff that became my friends and catered to a guest’s every need. Our Safari guides ensured that we realistically experienced the animals and nature of the park and tailored every drive and walk to our particular interests. A true highlight of my trip was that Dazzle created opportunities for us to visit a secondary school and a village where we were able to meet and be with the warm and charming local people. I am proud to support Dazzle Africa and their numerous projects that are making a huge difference for the wildlife and people of Zambia.”

John McLennan

Albany, New York

“Connections. Prior to going on a Dazzle safari my connection to it was my college friend of 25+ years, a founding Dazzle Africa member, Sarah Early. Her enthusiasm for going on safari and the work Dazzle does was (and still is) contagious. After learning more about Mfuwe and supporting various projects from afar it was time to see it for ourselves. Upon landing in Mfuwe and driving through the village, my partner, Mark Brogna, and I felt a connection to a world so different from our own. Meeting our fellow travellers as strangers and departing as friends is a connection we still have with many of them. The same goes for the safari guides and staff from Mfuwe Lodge we met and are still connected to through social media, along with the occasional meet-up in the States. Meeting some villagers and seeing the work Dazzle does to support them is a connection I hope to have forever. And, of course, the actual safari part… seeing the animals, big and small, up close in their natural habitat is awe-inspiring. This last connection made us realize just how important conservation efforts are, and how important Dazzle Africa is to this mission. We look forward to our next visit!”

Silvanna Camacho

Modesto, California

“My life changed after visiting the beauty of Zambia in ways I was not expecting. I saw everything from a tiny bee to the magnificent elephant and met kind and electrifying local people of all ages. Being with Dazzle Africa sparked a wonder and thirst to educate myself on the lifestyles of children who didn’t have the luxuries I had growing up, such as eating healthy meals. Mostly, Dazzle Africa reignited my passion to save animals from unnecessary suffering by educating us about the dangers of poaching. I am forever grateful to the leaders who head Dazzle Africa for helping me fall in love with Africa so deeply that I’ve been twice!”

Photo: Silvanna getting a hug from friend, Mike Paredes, after seeing her first elephant.