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It was wildest, untouched Africa, and it was magic.” – Jane Goodall

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Life-changing, exquisite, and a trip of a lifetime is how guests describe their experience on a Dazzle Africa safari.

Dazzle Africa safaris are meticulously planned to meet the desires of our travelers. Days and nights are filled with wildlife encounters and you have an opportunity to attend cultural excursions and meet our local impact partners. The profits earned from safaris are applied to our conservation, education and clean water projects making this trip a win-win-win.

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Our Safaris

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Over 30% of Dazzle Africa guests return to experience another safari. Our personalized touch, the wilds of Zambia and a connection to the community that is felt long after the safari ends, sets us apart from other traditional safaris.

Guests come for the animals and return for the people.

Philanthropy + Safari = Dazzle Africa

We believe the only thing better than a safari is being able to powerfully impact wildlife and communities as a result of your travel choice.

Philanthropy is the core of who we are and a favored part of our guest’s experience.

“A Dazzle Africa safari is much more than a game drive. Of course, the guides are excellent and Zambia holds plenty of prime viewing spots. South Luangwa is a beautiful, unspoiled area with fantastic sunsets. What you experience outside of the safari vehicle means even more. You meet the people of Mfuwe and learn about their culture. You hear stories from wildlife rangers and conservationists. You have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of children and endangered species. You and your fellow travelers become part of the Dazzle family. A Dazzle Africa vacation will change your life, immediately and forever.”

– Heidi & Howard Osterman, Clarksville, Maryland

Photo Credit: Cathy Smith

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Get a glimpse into what it’s like to experience Zambia with Dazzle Africa, all while making a difference in the local community.

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