Dazzle Africa Champions are committed to the operational funding and problem solving to sustain and forward the mission of Dazzle Africa.

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Dazzle Africa Champions

Dazzle Africa Champions are individuals or companies that passionately support both the mission of this organization and its dedicated team. They know from experience their annual operating donation to Dazzle Africa ensures the aligned results they want to accomplish in their giving goals will be completed with excellence. 

Champions receive an annual presentation by the Executive Director that rolls out the next year’s business plan for individual buy-in as well as biannual reports with financials, marketing and operating plans, and measured results that have been achieved.

Champions also receive discounts on safari travel as well as special opportunities to spend time in the field with our conservation partners. Finally, Champions are placed on an “on-call” status to support the Dazzle Africa Executive Director with any support she may need that falls within that Champion’s realm of expertise.

We are honored to have the unwavering support of these powerful individuals and companies that share our goals and fund our operations for the win-win-win. Champions are publicly recognized when they join us on safari, attend our events, as well as in media communications. 

If you would like to become a Dazzle Africa Champion please email to learn more. Champions support Dazzle Africa with an annual operating donation of $10,000 or more.

Caroline Jones

Champion Since 2018

Caroline Jones is a co-founder of Dazzle Africa. Caroline’s roots are in primary education and she currently serves the needs of children’s education, clean water development, and animal protection in the United States and in Zambia. Caroline sits on the board of the Willits and Jones Foundation and in her off time, you may find her with family and friends in Texas or Florida. Wherever she is, she is spreading joy and laughter.

Heidi & Howard Osterman

Conservation & Podiatrist
Champion Since 2016

Life-long committed conservationists and activists for wildlife, children and rural African communities. Heidi Osterman is a District Leader for the Humane Society of the United States and spends countless hours protecting the environment and wildlife. Howard is a Podiatrist in Washington D.C and loved by his clients for his skills, talents, and compassion. Both are friends and safari guests of Dazzle Africa.

Dana Balaban

Champion Since 2016

Dana Balaban is a native of Las Vegas and with her family, owned a transportation company,

Desert Taxi Cab, in Las Vegas for over thirty years. She grew up in the midwest in a farming community and spent much time in nature where her love of animals and nature started. She has always enjoyed helping other beings in need and has a special love for protecting and rescuing animals.

In 2009 Dana and her longtime friend Zoe Larner formed a 501c3 nonprofit organization called Arts A Cause. Their goal is to “share, care and create hope”  she combined her love of photography and philanthropy by donating her printed photography to Arts A Cause to sell through art shows and on their website to raise money for their charity.

Dana was introduced to Dazzle Africa by co-founder, Joanne Hardy, and attended her first Dazzle Africa safari in 2016. Going on safari was always a dream of Dana’s and that she could go with a charity was a blessing that she is grateful. Her experience while on safari was life-changing. She finally understood that the poaching situation in Africa was the problem of the world and that we need to find answers and solutions to stop poaching before more species become extinct from poaching. After falling in love with Zambia and seeing the need to get involved now to save these animals and support all the “local residence” human and animals, she was honored to become a Champion member of Dazzle Africa and their conservation, education and clean water projects. They are a charity worth getting behind because they are doing hands-on work for all the right reasons. I am honored to say I am a part of a charity that is really making a difference and giving themselves fully to these critical projects.

Kristi Overgaard

Fan of Mother Earth
Champion Since 2016

Dazzle Africa is “on mission” for Kristi Overgaard. Her belief is that a harmony is meant to exist between the planet and the people and animals who inhabit it – a natural balance. This was the reality for Kristi Overgaard growing up on the plains of Montana. In her surroundings she was able to see the inherent beauty and design in nature. Nature and design would not just be a part of her life. It would be her destiny finding its expression across multiple professions and philanthropic ventures, from her position as the youngest Vice President of Marketing at the Howard Hughes Corporation and the founding of creative agency One11, to her senior executive post as Chief Awesomeness Officer at Switch a world-renowned green-powered technology infrastructure company. Now with the creation of the ONIYA healing and renewal retreats, Overgaard Consulting and The Overgaard Foundation, Kristi continues to foster and promote our innate ability to rise to the challenges we face as individuals and as a global community and solve them through creativity, design and nature’s intelligence. 

Janet Lewis

Champion Since 2021

Janet went on her first Dazzle safari in 2019 and was hooked.  She came back in 2020 (just prior to the pandemic shutdown) to share the experience with her son, Conor.  She is planning another one in 2022 with her daughter Megan and her daughter’s partner Amanda.  She loves the mission of Dazzle in supporting the work of the people on the ground and the impact it is having on not only the area’s wildlife but the lives of the community members. After a 30+ year career in media and marketing, Janet spends her time renovating mid-century modern houses (including her own), attending live music shows and hosting touring musicians for concerts in her house (and during the pandemic — in her backyard).

Past Champions

Thank you to our incredible past Champions! You will always be a part of the Dazzle Africa family! With appreciation for all you have done and continue to do for children and wildlife.

Lacey Miller

2016 – 2020

Joseph Stallings

2016 – 2020

Crystal Gordon & Alyssa Yatsko

2018 – 2020

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