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30% of our safari guests are repeat clients and many of our guests return year after year while continuing to deepen community relationships and their experiences in the wild.

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Photo Credit: Cathy Smith

About Dazzle Africa

For nine years, Dazzle Africa has led unique safaris to the wild South Luangwa National Park in Zambia. We have become thoroughly invested in its people and wildlife and the guides and staff are the best in the business. In addition to the incredible wildlife viewing you’ll do in Land Rovers, in boats (at certain times of the year) and on foot, you’ll be visiting the projects we fund and meeting our inspiring partners Bushcamp Company, Conservation South Luangwa, Zambian Carnivore Programme and Mulberry Mongoose, who make it all possible.

In 2020 we hired our Director Of Safari Sales who has been planning trips to 11 different countries in Africa for a number of years. He brings the same care and expertise to every country like Dazzle has been doing in Zambia since 2012.


Our safaris are all-inclusive, and we stay in world-renowned, comfortable, beautiful camps. All accommodations, meals, activities, and local flights are included – even gratuities! The only extras are your international flight and bar beverages.

Photo Credit: Stacy James

Photo Credit: Stacy James


As a nonprofit, we are in the business to be of service to local children, communities and wildlife in Zambia. Often after a safari, guests would like to know how they can help preserve such pristine wilderness and support the local communities. On a Dazzle Africa safari, you will have contributed to our projects because your tax-deductible donation is built into our total cost of safari.

Competitively priced

Even with the contribution to local conservation, education and clean water projects, (already included in your safari price), plus being personally hosted by a Dazzle Africa representative, all gratuity included, and being taken behind the scenes to meet our conservation partners…we still rival our competitor’s price.

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Frequently asked questions

Why travel with Dazzle?

Dazzle Africa believes in leading the way for a new kind of safari. We call it the Modern Safari. One which takes all of the greatness and beauty of the traditional safari experience and melds it with authenticity, purpose, connection and philanthropy.

What is The Modern Safari Experience?

“The Modern Safari Experience” is a term we coined at Dazzle Africa to signal that we do things differently than most other operators. Dazzle believes that a safari should be a positive experience for all parties affected even if you don’t see or hear them all. The Modern Safari Experience brings positive change for the people and areas of the region and gives travelers a deeper safari experience by meeting with conservationists, seeing schools, meeting sponsored students and generally removing the veil between the safari world and local Zambians. Modern means that your money gives you an exceptional safari that you will be reminiscing about for years to come and that same money will be used to help the region thrive. In essence, The Modern Safari takes the best of the traditional safari experience and melds it with a greater emphasis on authenticity, connection, and philanthropy.


Where does my donation go?

We have a unique model for a safari outfitter. In addition to providing luxury safari experiences, we have partnerships with conservation organizations, schools, and communities so you can see firsthand how your safari is changing lives for both people and African animals. 

100% of safari donations fund our projects.

What about accommodations?

Dazzle will provide the level of accommodations that best fit the experience you are seeking, from the most luxurious to local favorites, we can find the right fit for you.

What is the Dazzle Difference?

The Dazzle Difference is that our goal is to plan the perfect safari for you. We give you honest and forthcoming safari advice and assist your planning from start to finish. Flights, vaccines, packing lists, visas, how much spending money to bring, (gratuities are included), and you have access for help from a Dazzle representative any time you need it. We also have personal Dazzle Africa coordinators that lead our group trips so you will have the same customized service on safari.

What is the Dazzle Family?

The Dazzle Family is every one that makes up Dazzle Africa. We could not do the work we do without you. Dazzle is fortunate to have an inspiring group of supporters that you become a part of with your safari, donation, or support. The Dazzle Family can opt into updates on projects, stories from the bush, events throughout the year, and first access to any Dazzle promotions. Sometimes your journey with Dazzle ends when you complete your safari, while others want to continue their involvement long after they return home. No matter what, you are always welcome with us!

How did Dazzle Africa Start?

In 2011, six women journeyed to Zambia to witness wild elephants travel through the lobby of the famous Mfuwe Lodge to find their favorite ripened mangoes. Little did they know, their love for the people and the animals of Mfuwe would spark an idea to give back and in turn create Dazzle Africa. On the return flight from Johannesburg to New York, ideas swirled and all of the women decided they could do something to give back to the place that brought them so much joy in such a short period of time. Soon after their return back to the United States, conversations ensued and partnerships were created with local organizations in conservation, education and community development. All six women are still involved today and continue to help Dazzle Africa better grow into the needs of the people and wildlife of Africa year after year to make the biggest difference possible.

Where do I start?

You can start planning your trip by contacting us and we’ll be more than excited to help you plan the trip of a lifetime!

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Photo Credit: Cathy Smith