Written by: Nicole Wargo

Dazzle Africa leads unique, luxury safaris in the unparalleled wilderness of Zambia, Africa. 

The Modern Safari Experience brings positive change for the people and areas of the region and gives travelers a deep, meaningful safari experience. You may not see all of the work behind the scenes but your safari dollars are working diligently to create better lives for the local communities and wildlife of Zambia. 

Many people travel to Africa seeking connection to its wildlife and wild spaces. Each day spent exploring the Zambian bush on a Dazzle Africa safari unfolds differently. You may spot a pack of African painted dogs wandering across the landscape, or a protective mother elephant followed closely by her mischievous calf. Giraffes stretch their tall necks in the distance to feed on acacia trees, while lionesses linger on the rocky outcrops of the open savannah. The Modern Safari Experience makes it easy to be humbled by the beauty of Zambia and the species that call it home. 

Protecting wildlife is at the heart of our work at Dazzle Africa. We support several programs that aim to reduce poaching in South Luangwa National Park and to create a positive connection to conservation with the local Zambian people. Our goal is to ensure that these magnificent animals will be here for future generations to enjoy.

Anti-poaching scouts are critical to African wildlife conservation, and we are grateful for the opportunity to help provide resources, equipment, food, and uniforms that support their work. Conservation South Luangwa scouts patrol South Luangwa National Park, removing harmful traps and apprehending poachers, making the region a safer place for wildlife.  

Dazzle Africa also aims to bring awareness about the importance of biodiversity to the communities around South Luangwa National Park. Since 2016, we’ve sponsored two programs: Zambian Carnivore Programme’s Mimbulu Soccer Academy as well as ZCP’s Conservation Radio Show. The Mimbulu Soccer Academy players engage with audiences after soccer matches about the negative impacts of poaching snares. We are also honored to support the work of conservationist, educator, researcher, and National Geographic Emerging Explorer, Thandiwe Mweetwa. Thandiwe is working to protect large carnivores in her home country of Zambia with the organization Zambian Carnivore Programme, as well as Fulbright scholar, Henry Mwape, on his Conservation Radio Show. This hour-long monthly program discusses relevant conservation topics, spreading the message of the importance of biodiversity.

An important piece of wildlife stewardship in Zambia has been the full-time employment of veterinarian Dr. Mwamba Sichande. With our conservation partners Conservation South Luangwa and Zambian Carnivore Programme, Dazzle Africa is able to support Dr. Sichande as he performs incredible work caring for wildlife injured by snares, K9s utilized by anti-poaching scouts, and the domestic animals in nearby communities. Amazingly, research has shown that by removing the snares from 39 lions in the region, those animals went on to have 171 cubs, greatly bolstering the region’s biodiversity. Dr. Sichande has also positively influenced the awareness of local Zambians regarding both domestic animals and wildlife, thereby improving the future outlook of conservation in his community.

We’re sure you love African wildlife as much as we do, and we would love to be your guide as you explore Zambia first-hand. Contact us if you would like to learn more about our luxury safaris or make a contribution to one of our many conservation initiatives. Feel free to email Stacy James at Stacy@DazzleAfrica.org for more details. 

Dazzle Africa and Sustainable Tourism

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