Author: Nicole Wargo

Dazzle Africa leads unique, luxury safaris in the unparalleled wilderness of Zambia, Africa. 

The Modern Safari Experience brings positive change for the people and areas of the region and gives travelers a deep, meaningful safari experience. You may not see all of the work behind the scenes but your safari dollars are working to create better lives for the local communities and wildlife of Zambia. 

Here at Dazzle Africa we take accessible, clean water very seriously. As seriously as life itself. Imagine having to start every morning walking three miles round-trip just to fetch water for your family to drink and cook their meals for the day. The walk is long, hot, and once you fill your water container, grueling from the additional weight. The water source is likely dirty and unsafe, but it’s the only available water near your home. You must do what you have to do. This is an unfortunate reality many people around the world face on a daily basis. Walking to your kitchen sink and turning on the faucet assuming clean and potable water will come out is a luxury we take for granted quite often living in a developed nation. 

Nearly five million people in Zambia do not have regular access to clean water, which oftentimes contributes to childhood distress and hunger. Additionally, many girls miss out on educational opportunities as the task of collecting water is viewed as women’s work. The time needed to collect water may cause them to get behind on their studies or cause them to simply drop out entirely. The journey to collect clean water is essential but that doesn’t mean it isn’t dangerous. Women have been found injured or worse while collecting water for the family. 

At Dazzle Africa, we know that Water Is Life. This is why we have partnered with The Bushcamp Company to provide boreholes in Zambian communities, increasing access to clean and localized water for many people. These boreholes improve the health and well-being of Zambians, while keeping more children in school and women and girls safe. Access to clean water has changed the lives of many and we will continue to work to change the lives of everyone still in need of clean water. 

“Many households used to drink saltwater from the only source of water near the village. The water tasted terrible and would turn the food yellow when cooking. Now hundreds of people don’t have to risk their health and they can enjoy the taste of fresh water.” -Lesley Kalonga, a local teacher from Muzenje. 

Dazzle Africa places proceeds from safari travel and donations into the sustainability and resiliency of Zambia, helping to fulfill several of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. Thanks to our generous donors and partners, we have been able to fund 78 boreholes (50 of which are being drilled in 2023) that will provide clean water to over 25,000 people every day. This clean water is life changing and provides the opportunity for young children to attend school, improve their health and overall quality of life. Learn more about our mission to provide clean water in Zambia and how you can help. If you would like to support drilling a borehole, please contact us or email Stacy James at

Dazzle Africa and Sustainable Tourism

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