Authored by Priscila Bautista.

Hi! I am Priscila Bautista! I was born in Mexico and raised in Chicago, IL and Hollister, CA. I am a junior at the University of Chicago, majoring in biology and tutoring in the Hyde Park community. My love for animals stems from a wide range of pets such as African dwarf frogs, a mystery snail, and the usual household pets. This passion for animals and appreciation for nature has influenced my career goals as I plan to go on to graduate school to become a veterinarian. If I’m not diligently studying animals or off engaging with the community, you can find me painting animal portraits or drawing a mix of subjects. I believe because we all share the same planet, it is important to extend a kind hand to each other as well as the animals that live here with us. I think being a part of Dazzle Africa will allow me to do that.