Stacy James

Stacy James

Co-Founder / Executive Director

Stacy James is Co-founder and Executive Director of Dazzle Africa, a 501c3 charity based in Las Vegas, Nevada. She is a visionary and oversees solution-based, sustainable and innovative projects in rural Zambia that protect endangered wildlife, provides opportunities for economically disadvantaged students and engages in community development projects, such as funding boreholes within villages with no access to clean water.

She graduated from Lewis and Clark College in Portland, OR with a MAT and worked as an educator for more than a decade with students, teachers, administrators and superintendents to increase success within schools in the U.S. public education system.

She also focuses on positive change through government policy and negotiation and co-led Nevada’s wildlife trafficking bill, SB194, that became law in January 2018. This law prohibits the sales of 15 species, including elephant, rhinoceros, pangolin, lion, and shark.

Born in Iowa, wildlife is in her DNA, as her father had a professional guiding business in Canada and she spent a good portion of her younger years with her family amidst nature and diverse wildlife. She continues to focus on her love of nature by living a life committed to the natural world and empowering others to take action to conserve our natural resources. Stacy loves hiking, wine with friends, and never tires of adventurous travel. She and her husband Chip are never bored with their 4 rescue cats and dogs.