Ginny Maycox

Ginny Maycox


Ginny Maycox was born in Liverpool, England, into a family of nature and animal lovers. Ginny grew up throughout the UK, moving to New York City in 2001 where she instantly felt at home, and finally became a US citizen in 2017.

Ginny has a 20+ year career with WPP Group, currently holding the North America Chief Financial Officer position at Ogilvy.  An avid explorer, Ginny has been fortunate to travel the world with friends and family, and throughout her professional career, always quick to jump on a plane to meet new people, and to experience a new culture and landscape.  This adventurous spirit guided Ginny to a trip to Zambia over Christmas and New Year 2019/2020, where her experience with the team at Bushcamp Company in Mfuwe opened her eyes to a whole new world of wildlife, conservation, and education.

A close friend who is on the Conservation South Luangwa Board introduced her to Stacy James and Mike Paredes. Her experience on that trip showed her firsthand the need for organizations like Dazzle, and the impact the trip had on her made the connection to Dazzle more inspiring and intentional. Always a strong supporter of human and animal rights, Ginny is honored to lend her voice and use her talents to support the protection of wildlife and encourage sustainability in South Luangwa.

Ginny's superpower is her ability to change, and not fearing what she doesn't know. She believes that being open to change allows in new experiences, and even if some experiences are challenging, you learn from them, you meet new people, and keep moving forward which inevitably helps you grow and have a positive outlook.