Dazzle Africa: Making

Your Safari Dreams

Come True

Dazzle Africa leads unique, luxury safaris in the unparalleled wilderness of Zambia, Africa, where the untamed beauty of the woodlands meets the grace of majestic wildlife. Our bespoke, group safaris offer an exclusive opportunity to witness Africa’s iconic wildlife, everything from elephants, to giraffes and leopards, to zebras and lions. Our unwavering commitment extends beyond the pursuit of luxury and adventure; it’s a profound connection with the people, wildlife, and communities that define Zambia. Your luxury safari adventure awaits!

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The Modern Safari Experience

Picture yourself amidst Africa’s majestic landscapes, soaking in the sight of elephants against a breathtaking sunrise. You’ve dreamt of it, but planning the trip? It can be a headache of endless bookmarks and aspirin.

That’s where we step in. With over a decade of experience, we’re here to guide you from the moment you hit ‘Learn more’ until you bid Africa farewell.

You want more from your adventure:
-A mix of wild beauty and serene moments
-A taste of adventure with a touch of luxury
-Exciting wildlife sightings paired with exquisite dining
-Flexible itineraries and plenty of choices
-A journey that leaves an impact

Top Photo Credit: Marcus Westberg

Why People Love Dazzle Africa Safaris:

"I want to convey my heartfelt gratitude to all the members of the Dazzle Africa who work tirelessly to make the world a better place for individuals like me. In an era where social and environmental challenges abound, Dazzle Africa plays a pivotal role that has been making a positive impact in our South Luangwa society. You may not get to see the smile you put on all of our faces (rangers) but know for sure that all you do every day has a tremendous impact on our happiness and success!" -Benson Kanyembo, Ranger of the Year - Conservation South Luangwa
"I would describe Dazzle Africa as a dream maker, they made my dream come true. Take a trip with them and the experience will be beyond any of your expectations! I promise. Every part of the experience just gets better than the last, the animals, the sunsets, the people, the food, it’s all amazing! Go to Zambia with Dazzle Africa and your life will be changed forever! Mine was, enjoy the journey." -Deb Toro
"A Dazzle Africa safari is much more than a game drive. Of course, the guides are excellent and Zambia holds plenty of prime viewing spots. South Luangwa is a beautiful, unspoiled area with fantastic sunsets. What you experience outside of the safari vehicle means even more. You meet the people of Mfuwe and learn about their culture. You hear stories from wildlife rangers and conservationists. You have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of children and endangered species. You and your fellow travelers become part of the Dazzle family. A Dazzle vacation will change your life, immediately and forever." -Heidi and Howard Osterman
"Visiting Africa and experiencing its captivating wildlife and culture was a personal dream of mine. Not only did Dazzle help me finally fulfill that dream, but they went above and beyond in creating an incredible, life-changing adventure! The serene animal-filled game drives, the charming visit to a Zambian village, and the eye-opening trip to a local school. The most beautiful thing about Dazzle Africa is Stacy and her group’s understanding that Zambia is not only a place worth seeing, but one worth protecting as well. I’m incredibly grateful that I was given the opportunity to learn about how we can help the irreplaceable animals and people there, and support them through Dazzle’s amazing projects. I wouldn’t have traded this trip for anything in the world, and I can’t wait to go back!" -Eric Pleasants
"My first Dazzle Africa safari changed how I think of going on safari. Most photo safari tourism is good for the local economy and for the wildlife, but Dazzle Africa takes it to another level. I was so blown away to see how integrated with the village Dazzle staff/volunteers are. On safari, I got to see projects that my safari dollars helped fund, meet interesting and impactful people who are working hard to protect the wildlife in South Luangwa, and even hang out with a gaggle of super smiley school kids! I also found that during the time leading up to the trip, Dazzle Africa tended to all the tiny details that made the trip a breeze to go on. They are super personal. I said in the first sentence that my first Dazzle safari changed how I think of going on safari. I said “first” because there was a second, and there will be many more!" -Mike Paredes

Welcome to Dazzle Africa: Where Zambia Safaris Transcend the Ordinary

Dazzle Africa leads unique, luxury safaris in the unparalleled wilderness of Zambia, Africa, where the untamed beauty of the woodlands meet the grace of majestic wildlife. Our bespoke, group safaris offer an exclusive opportunity to witness Africa’s iconic wildlife, everything from elephants, to giraffes, to leopards, zebras and lions. Our unwavering commitment extends beyond the pursuit of luxury and adventure; it’s a profound connection with the people, wildlife, and communities that define Zambia.
At Dazzle, we believe in crafting safaris that transcend the ordinary. The Dazzle Africa Modern Safari Experience unfolds a transformational journey where positivity radiates across every corner of your journey. Here, you’ll have the option to engage with conservationists, visit local schools and communities, and truly dissolve the barriers between the safari realm and the vibrant local communities. Your adventure awaits!

Photo Credits: Mike Paredes

Why Choose Our Luxury Group Safari?

Our group safaris are carefully crafted with your comfort in mind. We’ve taken the best moments from over 12 years of African adventures to bring you an experience that marries wild wonder with refined indulgence.

Exclusive Accommodations

Unwind in incomparable lodges and camps, carefully selected for their exceptional amenities, panoramic views, and unrivaled comfort. You can expect spacious ensuite chalets with luxurious linens and hot showers, just perfect for nestling in the wild.

Expertly Guided Adventures

Our seasoned, local guides are more than just experts – they’re passionate storytellers, revealing the secrets of Zambia’s remarkable wildlife and landscapes. Encounter iconic African wildlife in their natural habitat with seasoned professionals at your side.

Unparalleled Culinary Delights

Savor exquisite meals prepared by exceptional chefs blending international cuisine with local flavors. You can expect fresh meals prepared with seasonal produce similar to what you would get at a topnotch cosmopolitan restaurant. There is something for every palette and dietary request.

Seamless Logistics

Leave the details to us. We handle all the planning, ensuring your journey is smooth and worry-free. From airport transfers to internal flights, every aspect is meticulously planned.

Constant Support

Dazzle Africa goes to great lengths to ensure that you are well taken care of before and during your safari with us. From our safari representative, who will support you in all the planning and details to our safari directors who will be with you from touchdown to take off while on safari – we’ve got you covered. Our hosted safaris will provide you with a truly exceptional and worry-free adventure.

Dazzle Africa Gives Back

Even though your safari adventure will eventually end, your safari dollars will stay in Zambia to make a long-term difference. Dazzle Africa is a non-profit, that partners with local long-standing, successful organizations in conservation, community development and higher education. Our profits from safaris, fund these critical and worthwhile programs, so you can feel good about your travel.

From our support of the conservation helicopter and airplane through the anti-poaching program to our sponsorship of university students following their dreams all the way to accessible clean water for 25,000 people per day, Dazzle Africa is making a difference in Zambia! 

Zambia and Its Abundant Wildlife

The wildlife in Zambia is wonderfully unspoiled and diverse! Lion, leopard, vast pods of hippos, elephants, buffalo and giraffes along with spotted hyena and the highly endangered African painted dog are waiting to be seen. Zambia offers our safari-goers a masterpiece of nature with more than 140 species of mammals and over 450 species of birds.

What Sets Us Apart:

Attentive Personalization

Your journey is as unique as you are. We carefully craft each safari to bring you a world class experience.

Empowered Exploration

Our safaris are designed for those who seek adventure without sacrificing luxury. Revel in the wild with confidence.

Hosted Safaris

Our experienced Dazzle Africa Safari Directors will be there to ensure seamless travel! A dedicated Safari Director is a unique offering in the safari world.

Ethical & Sustainable

We are committed to responsible tourism, supporting local communities and preserving the natural beauty that makes Zambia so enchanting.

Behind-the-Scenes Visits

You’ll have unique access, that only Dazzle Africa can offer, to engage with our conservation partners and projects, including a private presentation, Q&A and dinner with award winning conservationists.


Your safari dollars support the wildlife and community that are so vital to making your safari exceptional. Dazzle Africa is a successful nonprofit organization that invests heavily in helping locally. A portion of your trip (a min. of $1,000.00 pp) is tax-deductible.

Award Winning Travel

Dazzle Africa had the distinct honor of being voted into Travel & Leisure’s “World’s Best” Awards for Best Safari Outfitters. You can be confident when booking your trip of a lifetime with us.

What’s Included In My Safari Adventure?

You can expect an unparalleled, enriching and inspiring experience when you safari with Dazzle Africa. This means:

  • Our safari team will be there to support you every step of the way. You’ll be well taken care of from your initial contact with us until your return from Zambia.
  • Lodging at award winning and top notch camps and lodges, fresh, abundant and quality meals, expert guides and twice daily game drives.
  • The supportive services of your Safari Directors, 24/7, from your arrival to departure while on your safari.
  • All gratuities – we take the stress out of who and how much to tip. Oh thank goodness!
  • Free daily laundry service – there’s nothing like freshly laundered and pressed clothes to greet you after a day in the bush.
  • All in-country flights and transfers to and from your camps and lodges
  • Exclusive and unique access to our wildlife conservation partners and experiences that Dazzle Africa (and your safari dollars) supports in the community.
  • The good feeling that you will have knowing that your safari is directly supporting the community, wildlife and hard working conservationists in Zambia.

Photo Credits: Mike Paredes

“Nothing but breathing the air of Africa, and actually walking through it, can communicate the indescribable sensations” -William Burchell