Over time, our experiences define who we are. Let them be memorable ones.

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“This is a huge reminder that we are all connected.”

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Plan to be mesmerized by iconic African wildlife, lulled to sleep by the sounds of nature, surprised by how stunning the African sunsets truly are, and grateful for each day you spend in the African bush. Peruse through just a few of our photos and imagine yourself here…


“I’m so excited, I can barely fall asleep.”

It’s my first night at Mfuwe Lodge and I’m so excited I can barely fall asleep…I have all the amenities and more that I need. The beds are plush and comfortable, my shower was hot, the room was cool and it was dark outside…and all I could think of was which animals were roaming around the chalet and how badly I wanted it to be light so I could see them for myself. The sun eventually rose and at first light I heard a brushing against our chalet deck – breath held, I managed to open the sundeck door, (get my cousin out of bed)  and there he was as plain as day – a young bull elephant. Face to face. With us. And if the trip ended there it would have been enough. From that moment forward, our safari was filled with one brilliant and unique experience after another. With the infamous Peter Zulu as our guide, the extraordinary wildlife, impeccable staff, and generous local villagers our heart was overflowing with gratitude and even though we did not know it at that time, a week later, the idea of Dazzle Africa would be born.   – Stacy James 2011

Photo Credit: Mike Paredes

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Photo Credit: Mike Paredes

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